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Thug Life: Cop Killing Niggers.

Cop Killing Niggers…. Pictures flash through your mind…. Conjured up from your prejudices…. a Fat White Racist Cop Shooting Innocent Black Males?…. Or a Crack Head Saggy Pants Gang Banger with a piece… doin a drive by on a Police … Continue reading

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David Bain should receive compensation

Former All Black Joe Karam’s ongoing battle for compensation has taken a fresh turn. New Bain inquiry will cost $400k A new inquiry into David Bain’s bid for compensation will cost a further $400,000, Justice Minister Amy Adams says. Ms … Continue reading

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IDF Code of Ethics. Fighting a just fight.

Copied from Facebook… One of our StandWithUs Fellowship Alum, serving these days in the Golani infantry corps. He sent us a picture of himself inside a tank holding the IDF Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states that The … Continue reading

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The Speed of Hypocrisy: How America got hooked on Legal Meth. Motherboard.

A terrible number of words have been written about Breaking Bad, yet none have struck upon the irony at its core. For all of the cult hit’s vaunted fine-brush realism and sly cultural references, the show never even winked at … Continue reading

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Screaming for Vengeance (Part 1)

[Being as how today is the 20th anniversary of the Bain murders … here’s an unfinished post I started writing last year. Now published as Part 1. Part 2 will be on the evolutionary psychology of blood feuds.] I’m irked. … Continue reading

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No Free Will = No Moral Responsibility. William Lane Craig

“And God made man in his own image….” When God made Man he not only formed his body out of matter, He breathed ‘spirit’ into him and he became a living soul… a freewill moral agent capable of making real … Continue reading

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I’m ginna get tickets! Update: Someone said this may not be happening…. Nothing on Google. ???? Click >>> Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

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But not with a hammer.
With a Winchester 490 .22 semi-automatic fitted with a silencer.

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Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence The adage has been widely attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. It is also known as Hanlon’s razor. When it comes to the Bain murders, there are many who are in … Continue reading

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What’s the plausible explanation? (Part 3)

(1) The rifle magazine landed on its thin edge of its own accord after Robin Bain shot himself. (2) The rifle magazine landed on its thin edge of its own accord after David Bain shot Robin. (3) The rifle magazine … Continue reading

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