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More nous, less nows

A friend gave me this excellent DEMOTIVATOR® from several Christmases ago. And, recently, I finally got a round tuit. I put the damn thing up on the wall of my home office! The poster represents an ever timely life … Continue reading

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Genesis is real history: Evidence supporting the account of Noah.

This from the Facebook page Biblical Creation PROOF OF NOAH CAN BE FOUND IN EGYPT TODAY… The Hebrew name for one of Noahā€™s grandsons is Mizraim (Genesis 10:6). It is no coincidence that modern Egyptians call themselves Misr, which is … Continue reading

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Did Aaron the High Priest smoke? || The biblical roots of Jews and marijuana:

Aaron… The ‘High’ Priest. šŸ™‚ Doctor, mohel, and former IDF lieutenant Yosef Glassman finds surprising links between controversial plant and ancient Judaism. ā€œAlso, one will beautify [Shabbat candle lighting] when the wick is made from cotton, flax or cannabisā€¦ā€ Thatā€™s … Continue reading

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The Metaphysics of the Miraculous

[Article by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief of the Transegoist Daily Journal. Syndicated.] The Metaphysics of the Miraculous My metaphysical model is monism, which means that I believe that there is one reality, and that everything in it is … Continue reading

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It’s not a big ask

And God spoke all these words: ā€œI am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. ā€œYou shall have no other gods before me. ā€œYou shall not make for yourself an image … Continue reading

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My name is Richard and I’m a blogaholic …

… and I’m retarded. I abandoned my first attempt at blogging because I ended up posting only about once a month. In other words, I failed. This time I think I’ve succeeded. Ideally, bloggers should blog on an at least … Continue reading

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Was Ayn Rand a Christian? (Part 1)

A mash-up is a combination of existing texts, graphics, audio or video files or animations that create a new work. Here’s the first draft of one I hastily mashed up … the Gospel of Ayn the Apostle. And God saith … Continue reading

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