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The UN And The Grand Centralization Of Power.

The UN is as Antichrist as you can get…. as anti-freedom as you can get…. As Lefty pseudo-morality as you can get… for example it has Saudi Arabia Heading their human rights commission!!! A den of devils. It is constructing … Continue reading

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Knife Makers Code of Ethics: Terms and Conditions of Gift or Sale… “This Blade will never be raised in Aggression or Inhumanity” Tim Wikirwhi.

I have already thought of a better lay out… Knife makers Code of Ethics and terms and conditions of gift or sale (Transfer of ownership). (Breach entails Forfeit of Ownership ) Deed of ownership of This blade is transferred from … Continue reading

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Broadsword: Knife Making From Re-purposed / Recycled Steel. Facebook.

Hello. My name is Tim and I am a Junk-a-hollic. Lately I have fallen victim to Bad Company that is feeding my addiction to other peoples cast-offs, and I think I need counselling. The Bad Company I refer to is … Continue reading

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History of The King James Bible: God’s Perfect Word

Read more…. Click the links…. The Rock of Divine Revelation. Then cometh Satan…. “Yea hath God said…?” And it came to pass…. The Bible is trustworthy and carries the Authority of God Almighty. Believe it! Don’t let Educated Fools lead … Continue reading

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