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Not PC: FREE RADICAL #75 – The Right of Revolution: In Praise of Commodore Frank Bainimarama. by Tim Wikiriwhi

‘Not PC’ is New Zealand Libertarian and devout Objectivist Peter Cresswell’s blog. Pete was Editor of Lindsay Perigo’s ‘Free Radical magazine’. Below is an article I wrote about the Race crisis in Fiji. I am putting it on my blog … Continue reading

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Shame on you New Zealand. Restore Cassidy Boon’s facebook page! Petition.

Cassidy Boon is a Naive Feminist socialist/ self appointed ‘activist for social justice’ and *I personally disagree with everything she represents, yet I am horrified to see that a horde of ‘precious’ minded fellow Kiwis have manage to lobby Facebook … Continue reading

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Lebanese Hooters for Freedom!

Brave Girls! Burning Isis Flag from > here < Read about ^^^ my Struggle here > Standing up for Justice more important than Personal Ambitions < Post by Friar Kev. ^ Must watch! šŸ™‚

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Ludovic Boumbas. No Greater Love!

When I read the tiny NZ Herald story about Ludovic Boumbas there was no picture… but an account of mighty heroism. I was not expecting him to be Negroid… yet there he is ^^^^ up there…. or was… for Ludovic … Continue reading

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Land of the free

Property rights are restrictions on freedom. If you don’t agree that property rights are restrictions on freedom—if you think instead, for example, that property rights are a prerequisite of freedom—then either you haven’t been paying attention, or you’ve been reading … Continue reading

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God Bless Angela Merkel, and those Germans whom courageously support her in these times which try Men’s souls.

ā€œWe believe in the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live, to the respect for the other and tolerance. We know that our free life is stronger than any terrorist. Letā€™s give the terrorists the answer by living … Continue reading

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Kiwi Muslims stand against violence, call for global response: NZ Herald.

“About 100 people from the Muslim community have gathered in downtown Auckland to protest against terrorist group Isis. Both young and old are currently at the Aotea Square calling on world leaders to unite against the group, which in the … Continue reading

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“Jesus and Weed” This Pastor Gets It Right About Alcohol And Marijuana (Video)HD You Tube.

“Drinking alcohol in moderation does not make you an addict…. doesn’t make you a bad christian, and being a Christian does not mean you have to be a boring weird freaky person that doesn’t have fun anymore.. how about this…. … Continue reading

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Not In My Name! Muslims Condemn Isis Terror.

In light of the Terror attacks in Paris, Friends of mine ask “where are the condemnations of the so-called moderates?”. To which I reply… a better question is *where is the western media coverage* of the Moderates voice? This exposes … Continue reading

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New Zealand, Racist Sexist Backwater. Your Brain on Internet Socialism.

My Reply to this video… Hi Cassidy….’ I am a Maori, and Let me say you have done New Zealand a great service…. but not in a way you might think. You have shown the world the dangers of simply … Continue reading

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