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Euthanasia (Part 4)

My fellow bloggers have blogged their perspectives about euthanasia so it seems fair that I should too. The term euthanasia covers several situations:- 1) Killing oneself. 2) Another person killing himself. 3) You helping someone kill himself. 4) You killing … Continue reading

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Christian grace and compassion for the Suffering. Against suicide, yet tolerant of euthanasia.

Two different perspectives about Life, Death, Suffering, and Euthanasia have appeared here recently… Why No Christian Should Support Euthanasia, by Blair Mulholland and God’s gift to the terminally ill by Richard Goode. Most thinking people fall squarely into either of … Continue reading

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God’s gift to the terminally ill

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a Biblical argument for euthanasing the terminally ill. The argument relies on a couple of reasonable assumptions which I now make explicit. And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb … Continue reading

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Why No Christian Should Support Euthanasia

The news recently of a 29yo woman seeking the right to have her suicide assisted by others has brought out a few odd opinions, to say the least, especially from those who purport to be Christians. The simplistic argument (and … Continue reading

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Bike Nite @ Joe’s Garage / Road and Sport. Hamilton

Fellow Engineering Contractor and Triumph Brother Clark and I thought we would check out this ‘Bike nite’. Got down town about 6pm, and grabbed myself a Black Monteiths, and went for a wander around the bikes. Road and sport had … Continue reading

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Give me Communism, or give me Death!

Article twelve of the 1936 Soviet Constitution states In the USSR work is a duty and a matter of honor for every able-bodied citizen, in accordance with the principle: “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.” It disturbs … Continue reading

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Guardian Angel. Happy Birthday Mercedes Corby.

You exemplify everything which is good about Family, and a Libertarian commitment to justice. Fighting for your beloved sister caught in the Jaws of an Evil system, you risked everything for her sake. Happy Birthday Mercedes…. from Eternal Vigilance. We … Continue reading

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The Superstitions of Materialist Orthodoxy, and their conflict with scientific progress and inquiry . Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK

a more extensive (better) version of Sheldrake’s speech below… Read more…. Knowledge Filters: All solid evidence against the Theory of Evolution is automatically rejected . Defunct / Archaic Western Dogma blindly insists : ‘Whatever does not fit the Naturalistic Materialist … Continue reading

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